June 12, 2013

Letter: Scandals, scandals, everywhere

— The number one “Obama antagonist “ made page 4A again on Wednesday, June 5. As usual, he ignored the facts and stretched the truth to make everything that has gone wrong in the foreign affairs arena Obama’s fault. The “radical right” House Republicans, of course, are indirectly coaching him.

The Republican Party has had a history of imposing genuine scandals upon our country. Consider Joe McCarthy’s record of assaulting prominent Americans with accusations of being Marxist Communists in the 1950s. He was later dismissed as a paranoid, hate-filled misfit. Amazingly, the person cited above is hung up on accusing our president of being a hateful Marxist. What evidence justifies this label?

Watergate and Iran-Contra were two more major scandals. One brought down a president, and the other left a president rather unscathed, but resulted in some casualties among appointees. One survivor named Poindexter joined George W. Bush’s team and initiated a concept called “Total Information Awareness” which had a logo featuring a large eye at the top of a pyramid symbolizing “spying.” This was an early attempt by the government to gather phone information after 9/11. Now it is apparent that the “snooping” blamed on President Obama dates back to at least the last president.

Our Congress is now spending millions of taxpayer dollars investigating several “scandals” while failing to consider how to create much-needed jobs, rebuild deteriorating infrastructure and reduce the deficit. This is largely the fault of the Republican-led House of Representatives. One of their favorite overblown scandals to pursue involves the IRS. They are miffed because some hybrid political far-right organizations tried to claim that they were primarily involved in social welfare activities to get tax-exempt status. Not surprisingly, they were put on hold. Some of them may even have had “party” in their name.

We need to get back to applying the word “scandal” to real scandals.

Tobias Dirks

Rocky Face