March 24, 2013

Letter: Bang! Pow! Boom!

All three sounds describe it, but it was only one explosion. An old man and an old woman spring from their easy chairs in a living room of total darkness scared out of their wits. A quick peek out the window only reveals more total darkness, not a star nor the moon. God, where are you when I need you?

Well, as it turns out he is right where we are, only right then we didn’t know it or see him. But he will reveal himself, but in the form of other caring beings.

We thought it sounded like a loud bang from a gun or perhaps some kind of explosion. As all the power was out, we at first thought someone had fired a gun into the transformer or maybe into the power meter. We did not know of any enemies we had, although with 60 years of ministry, including about 36 years of pastoral service in our churches, who is to say? Not everyone cares for Christian ministry.

What to do? Find the cellphones and call for help. Yes! That is exactly what we did, called 911. And soon here comes our caring human beings aforementioned in the form of the Murray County Sheriff’s Office.

From the porch I shined a flashlight toward them to let them know we were here and OK. Seeing no one around that might harm us, we told them of the loud explosion and sudden darkness that had scared us out of our wits.

Meanwhile, my wife called NGEMC, our power source. They also quickly responded and in a short time had our power on again.

Yes, you guessed it, the explosion was a portion of our electric transformer. A lesson for us all, power is good and serving, but only when it is properly harnessed and controlled.

Bobby N. Minter, retired Christian minister


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