August 18, 2013

Letter: They did it with desire and tenacity

— Again and again I see where someone is trying to embolden those who most often contributed nothing to their lot in life, and for what purpose I can only guess as these people remain in the dark.

I will believe in your sincerity when you come out and start a business with your own money and a product that you came up with, and pay all your employees the same amount of wage that you yourself get, making no difference between the custodian and the technician. You can only take out operating expenses and get no recompense for your personal loss and labor.

You keep saying how everyone in the South is poor because of the Republican Party and the people that run and own the manufacturing plants in this area. I say that there are people in the South that started with nothing and now are very well off and they did it with desire and tenacity and had no help from those that you wish to promote as the saviors of the downtrodden.

Let me know when you have your product ready and are ready to start that business. Oh yeah, I paid in to Social Security and Medicare all my working life and no one is giving me anything when I decide to retire. I am 65 and still working and I take exception to people that took jobs that didn’t take out government retirement and now are trying to stir up the masses to make them think that they are being robbed by those who only want what they paid for. After all, they didn’t ask me if I wanted them to take my money, and they didn’t ask me if they could start using that money for other social programs until they put it in jeopardy. Now you want to blame the people that worked for that money and a lot of people that are getting it didn’t contribute to it at all.

I am not rich and I don’t own a business and I am not a Republican. I am an independent voter.

Jerry Robinson

Rocky Face