August 22, 2013

Letter: A wonderful organization

— I wonder if residents of Whitfield County know how lucky they are to have such a wonderful organization as the Humane Society of Northwest Georgia. With Micky Burrows at the head of this group they have done more to help our little four-legged friends than anyone I know.

The Humane Society is run strictly by volunteers trying to place dogs and cats in forever homes. There are three shifts a day that go to feed, water and clean cages and walk the dogs or play with the cats. Micky has gotten professional people from many areas to be on the board of directors. They have secured a piece of land to build new facilities with the help of all of you. We hope to see this in the next few years.

I volunteer once a week to help with the cats. It only takes about an hour out of your busy schedule. I am a great-grandmother, so you are never too old to volunteer. If you have some time to spare, come by the place on Cleveland Highway. Your gifts of money, dog and cat food, old newspapers, toys or beds could also be a big help.

Remember, when you adopt a dog or cat you save two as you make room for another that will not be killed.

Susan Swinney

Rocky Face