September 11, 2013

Letter: Championing the sanctity of human life

— This 9/11, American citizens throughout the country are going to be engaging in various activities to honor the victims of that fateful day in 2001, when our impenetrable America was violated in a vain attempt to thwart the American morale, contort its vibrantly rooted prowess into a spiraling tumult, scarred by violence, and perturbed by the unwarranted hatred of those who know not of who we are. They know not that we are a people fortified by the hatred thrown at us, a people unaffected by the imprudent actions inflicted upon us.

What better way for such a people, teeming with merited principles of justice, to commemorate the victims of 9/11 than to give life to another in their honor? Not only give life to another, but in fact, give life to up to three others, by donating blood.

For the past two years the campaign Muslims for Life, launched by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has been doing just that in its annual blood drives in honor of 9/11 victims. Last year, 11,170 units of blood were collected, and this year their goal is to collect 12,000.

To be a part of this cause and a savior of life, you can go to the Blood Assurance office in Dalton on Shugart Road between now and Oct. 11. We have already had blood drives in collaboration with Blood Assurance in Dalton at the Walmart on Shugart and at Dalton State College. We have one coming up on Monday the 16th at the Walmart on Walnut Avenue.

I hope you consider engaging in this activity, an act not of talk and verbal commemoration, but of a wholly incomparable physical, tangible form of commemoration that gives each one of us the opportunity to champion the sanctity of human life.

Najia Humayun

Tunnel Hill