August 15, 2013

Letter: Obamanado

— It’s been five and a half years since Obama stormed onto the national consciousness: a year of campaigning, four contentious years in office, an ugly re-election campaign and a scandal- ridden half year into his second term.

How’s Obama doing?

Not so well. There’s the horrible economy, the looming disaster known as Obamacare, another looming disaster known as amnesty and a rekindling of racial tensions. Add to these a long list of scandals: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS dirty tricks, NSA snooping.

Internationally, things are even worse.

In Egypt, it’s been dictator Mubarak followed by an Army coup, a Muslim Brotherhood takeover, a second dictator Morsi and another Army coup. Obama calls all this the Arab Spring. To help celebrate, we gift Egypt with F–16 fighter jets and Abrams battle tanks.

Iran is but a few kilograms of enriched uranium away from a nuclear bomb. Obama, probably due to his hatred of Israel’s Netanyahu, has ducked this issue from the first kilogram.

North Korea is threatening to nuke South Korea and then nuke us. Only Dennis Rodman stands in the way.

China is trying to bury us economically. Or, by sending us contaminated foods. Whichever comes first.

Russia, led by former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, is rattling its sabers once again, possibly signaling to the world the rebirth of the Cold War. Putin, who thinks Obama is a pansy, has apparently given asylum to fugitive traitor/whistleblower Edward Snowden, thus thumbing his nose at a nation he once feared.

If all this is not enough to make you rethink your position on fallout shelters, Obama and his dimwitted secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, are in the process of decimating American military forces.

How did things get so bad? Could it have anything to do with Obama starting his presidency with a world apology tour, telling everyone how rotten and shameful the United States has been throughout its history? You see, groveling, in Liberal Logic 101, would make all the peoples of the world love us for our honesty and humility. Didn’t happen, did it?

Perhaps what Obama meant by “fundamentally changing America” was actually “fundamentally destroying America.”

David Wycherley

Rocky Face