January 27, 2013

It’s time for Democrats in Whitfield County to stand up

Isn’t it about time that Georgia and Whitfield County had a real two-party system again? Georgia has been known as a “red” state for well over a decade. Both our local and state politics are mostly dominated by Republicans.

There is nothing wrong with this if that’s what the majority of citizens really want. But is it still?

The number of Democrats in Whitfield County is growing. In addition, we have a good many “closet” Democrats who can’t, for business reasons, or won’t, out of fear of being “different” from their friends and/or family, publicly admit to being Democrats. There are local people who ideologically are Democrats but won’t run for office as Democrats because they assume beforehand that they have no chance to win an election if they run as a Democrat, and this has been proven to be true in the past. Some candidates with Democratic ideals have actually changed parties to run as Republicans for this reason.

Our political system was designed to operate more effectively as a two-party system and works much better that way. Historians contend that having a two-party system encourages the political stability of a country because it promotes agreement. In order to reach the independent voter, each party must moderate its political arguments. It also promotes negotiation among legislators, thereby providing more political stability.

A two-party system is simple and easy for voters. It’s said that there is a link between the two-party system of government and fewer instances of corruption. This can be attributed mainly to leaders being forced to think of the citizens they are representing, since the people of a country (or county) can very easily vote for the rival party at an upcoming election. A two-party system helps prevent the development of a government that is not responsive to the people’s desires and needs, which encourages better governance and far less corruption.

Folks, times have changed and we need to change with them. There is a strong Democratic base in Whitfield County that is growing larger and stronger each day.

A strong, viable Republican Party already exists in our state and in our county and I’m not suggesting that we attempt (or should even want to attempt) to destroy or diminish it. People are different, with different ideals, values and beliefs and this letter isn’t about belittling others.

I do, however, believe that this is the time for Democrats in Whitfield County to “come out of the closet” and become more active and more visible in county government. It’s time for the “fear” of being known as a Democrat to end. It’s time for strong leadership by the local Democratic Party and it’s time for good, eligible Democrats to run for office in the near future. It’s time for Democrats in Whitfield County, those of all races, ethnicities, religions and genders in the community, to stand up, stand out and be both seen and heard.

We also have a voice.

Sherie Luffman

Trickum Community


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