February 14, 2013

Letter: Obama owns this

I wonder, do other people realize were it not for Brian Terry’s death, forcing his fellow agents to blow the whistle on “Fast and Furious,” this whole gun control argument would be over the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens?

I’m sure Obama, and other Democrats, would be repeating the lie, as they were in 2009, that 90 percent of guns used in violent crimes in Mexico come from the United States. We’d be holding televised hearings, Obama would fly in Mexican officials to tell us how bad we are. We’d hear from parents of the 16 teenagers who were gunned down at a birthday party. We’d hear their stories of heartbreak and anger, and our tears would flow as they have for the Sandy Hook victims. But, because the Obama administration got caught, no one seems to care about hundreds of dead Mexicans. Not even the children. How sad.

Our government violated our laws, and international laws, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people, and Democrats don’t have a problem with it.

Well, I’d like to say this to President Obama: I’d like the same gun ownership process your administration afforded the Mexican drug cartels. No background check, not even my name and address. No limit on the number of guns, the firepower or clip capacity. I believe I and my fellow Americans need these weapons to protect ourselves against the bad guys using the ones you gave to them. Maybe if Brian Terry had been issued what you call an assault weapon, instead of the gun that shot bean bags, he’d be alive today.

I know there are many of you out there saying “It’s Bush’s fault.” Well, let me point out what should be obvious to everyone, the thing that tells me Obama owns this. With the way Obama has blamed Bush for everything else, he and Holder would be tripping over themselves to release “Fast and Furious” documents if Bush were involved rather than going to court to keep them hidden.


Susan E. Rogers


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