April 12, 2013

Letter: Accurate information needed for health improvements to occur

— As a member of the Murray County Board of Health, I have some reservations about the material reported in Tuesday’s paper. No doubt there are some issues, and that Murray County would rank below Whitfield County is not totally unexpected. But I have reservations about the validity of the research.

Last year members of the board of health received a similar report comparing Murray and Pickens counties. As in this latest report, Murray came out on the short end of the stick. But in reading the report, there were some glaring errors in the data. The report stated that there are no recreational facilities in Murray County. I won’t name them all but there are numerous facilities ranging from those that are county operated, those that are state operated and those that are federally operated. So there are plenty of facilities, and people do use them.

This previous report also said there were no sidewalks in Chatsworth except around the fast food places. I live in Chatsworth and could walk just about anywhere in town without going by a fast food place. I think the person who did the research either never came to Murray County or at least didn’t get out of their car as they passed through the county.

It’s been many years since I had a research/statistics class but it seems like I remember that if any of the data in research is invalid, then all of the conclusions are not valid or at least suspect.

There is room for improvement in the health of our citizens and we all have to work together. But let’s make sure we have accurate information from which to work.


Elizabeth Gould