June 30, 2013

Letter: Dramatic step forward for reality

— Wednesday morning, the United States Supreme Court said what logical/sensible people have said for generations: a gay American is entitled to the same rights as a heterosexual American, including marriage rights.

As a student who has attended schools in Floyd, Walker, Chattooga and Catoosa where I graduated high school, we, as a part of a region where as many as 8 of 10 voters often vote Republican, know many in the GOP may not like this welcomed news.

We in the 14th U.S. Congressional District, part of which was once represented by the very congressman, Bob Barr, who crafted most of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act that was struck down), simply will have to swallow the new reality that discrimination against gay Americans must end and in accordance with the law of the land has ended.

Now, at least our federal government has ended DOMA; it is dead. Equal justice under the law is the mantra from the highest court in the land. Sadly, a backwards and ignorant mentality permeates the Georgia GOP; make note this Republican says to the Supreme Court of the United States, Bravo Zulu! (a Navy phrase for an excellent job, well done). Speaking as a U.S. Navy veteran, a Republican, a Boy Scout from my youth, and a native Georgian of the 14th U.S. Congressional District, I say reality has come, A-men.

Even so, above all, as one who believes as a Christian, Christ said come as you are; thus the many so-called Christian churches who wish to remain Sharia/bigoted in their responses to treating this minority of people unfairly for generations, we, Christian Americans who believe in fairness and dignity and that the love of Christ is for everyone, say wake up, Christianity is for everyone, Christ said come as you are …

God bless the United States of America and it is about time for this reality fulfilled.

Aleq Boyle