September 18, 2013

Letter: A wonderful sight

— I am writing in response to Mark Hannah’s article (Town Crier) that was in the Sunday, Sept. 8, Daily Citizen. I just want to thank him for all of it but especially the part about 134 Dalton High students graduating in the Wink Theatre as I was one of the 134. It sure brought back a lot of memories.

They had not completed the auditorium next to the new high school on Crawford Street. It was 1957, so they decided we would go to the Wink Theatre. It must have been a wonderful sight to watch all of us marching through town in our white gowns and our white caps. I am sure the Statler Brothers had us all in mind when they wrote their hit song “Class of ‘57” along with all the other classes of ’57 in the world.

So thank you, Mark Hannah, for all your wonderful articles that you write every week.

R.T. Gossage

Tunnel Hill