October 27, 2013

Letter: Herding cats

While Mitchell King’s letter to the editor was very well-written and passionate, it was sadly lacking in substance and facts. Political rhetoric can be exciting and inspiring but without facts to back it up, that’s all it is — empty rhetoric.

Mr. King states that the fight will go on and that we won’t let these people take our liberties and flush them down the same toilet they are stuffing the Constitution down, but he fails to explain what they’re fighting for or against, and just which liberties and what part of the Constitution is being “stuffed down the toilet.”

Just exactly what liberties and what part of the Constitution is being stuffed? What situation needs to be taken control of? The fact that Republicans didn’t get their way?

Mr. King mentions that “Obamacare” is violating the Tenth Amendment. That dog won’t hunt. It has already been decided by the Supreme Court that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. That’s how government works. Does Mr. King think Medicare and Social Security are also violating the Tenth Amendment? The majority of the population would disagree.

It seems to me that the Republicans are angry but they don’t seem to know exactly what they’re angry about. Exactly what liberal lies need to be challenged? And exactly how is their freedom being challenged unless he’s talking about the Republicans’ freedom to control the government? That, too, is decided by majority vote and we still have a Democratic president and a Democratic majority in the Senate. The House has a Republican majority despite the fact that the popular vote would have given the majority to the Democrats but gerrymandering prevented the true will of the people from being carried out.

I would really like to talk to Mr. King to find out exactly what he means when he says “Remember this is our freedom we are talking out!” I don’t know of any freedom that has been taken away or any that is in danger of being taken away. I’d like to hear more facts and less rhetoric from Mr. King, but I doubt that will happen. Talking to many Republicans is a lot like herding cats.

Sherrie Luffman



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