November 9, 2013

Citizen of the Week: Frank Loyd

The Daily Citizen

— Frank Loyd is the sort of person who puts his beliefs into actions.

An active member of Smyrna Baptist Church in Chatsworth, Loyd is president of the Chatsworth camp of Gideons International, volunteers at Eton Elementary School where his granddaughter is a student, frequently visits the sick, and mows lawns free of charge for several people at his church and even non-members who happen to be his neighbors.

“He’s a very committed, dedicated Christian man,” said fellow Gideon Carlton McDaniel. “Whatever he’s involved in, he’s very active in it.”

McDaniel said Loyd has been involved with the Gideons — an organization best known for its work distributing Bibles to hotels, nursing homes and other establishments around the world — for several decades. Because of his passion, Loyd also speaks at area churches to build support for the Gideons, said long-time friend Tim Howard.

“He is just a kind man who truly has a servant’s heart,” Howard said. “He works for the church. He’s a mainstay at the Murray County Gideon camp, and he is constantly doing stuff for other people. He has several ladies at church he helps with their yard and that sort of stuff.

“He volunteers for whatever is needed at church. He visits members in the hospital. He helps cook brotherhood breakfasts. He teaches Sunday school. He teaches youth class on Wednesday night. He’s always learning and he reads, he studies — always trying to know more. He’s Sunday school director at Smyrna Baptist Church. Anything good that’s going on he’s part of it.”

Howard said Loyd has also worked hard to care for his family over the years. He is recently retired from Chatsworth’s water department.

For his “servant’s heart,” The Daily Citizen names Frank Loyd Citizen of the Week.