November 16, 2012

Letter: Saving lives

— Recently I witnessed the 51st graduation ceremony of the Conasauga  Drug Court Program and, again, was impressed with the accomplishments of the graduates. This two-year program is one of the most successful of its kind with many results in the 95-plus percentages. They have graduated a total of 164 participants and 75 have achieved their GEDs with 15 more in progress.

I wonder if people in this area know what a wonderful program this is and what it means to this community, not only in saved lives but also in economic terms. The savings of the program over the cost of jail time is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the health care savings on drug-free babies is in the millions of dollars. Over and over the graduates say that this program has saved their lives.

Judge Jack Partain and the Conasauga Drug Court Program Team, a number of which are volunteers, are to be commended on the success of this program.

Barbara Bell