June 12, 2013

Letter: Continuing commercialization a concern

— The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners voted 3-0 to rezone property to allow Dollar General to construct a new building after the zoning commission recommended denying the request. I live in the neighborhood that will be affected and I do not feel the commissioners made the best decision.

While the existing property is an “eyesore,” the property owner should have been held accountable and forced to clean up and maintain his property. While the Dollar General store may seem like a good idea now, what about if and when that business is no longer viable and a new tenant buys the property?

We have had issues of commercialization continuing movement down Dug Gap Road to what I believe is the detriment of our community and property values. If the commissioners were not agreeable to following the recommendation of the zoning commission I feel we would have been better served to reopen the issue, include the community and zoning commission, and come up with a more acceptable decision.

Mary Thelma Norris

Whitfield County