April 12, 2014

Letter: Primaries feature many choices

— Many people are confused this year about the May 20 Election Day. Unfortunately, very few voters in Whitfield County actually go to the polls for a primary election. But this means any increase in participation can have a significant impact.

May 20 is a primary Election Day. Several people are running for one local office, and voters must go to the polls on May 20 and declare their party of choice. Almost all local candidates are running as Republicans. Therefore, if one wants to vote for Board of Commissioner then one must ask for a Republican ballot. The choice for Superior Court judge is nonpartisan and will be on both Democrat and Republican ballots.

There are major statewide Democrat and Republican primaries. Three men are running for the nomination for governor as Republicans. Seven individuals are running for nomination as Republicans for U.S. Senate. Four individuals are running for nomination as Democrats for U.S. Senate. With this many candidates we can anticipate runoff races in July to pick the final candidates for the November elections. Get ready, readers, watch and learn; there will be three different times to vote in Georgia this year.

Virgelia C. Meek

League of Women Voters of the Dalton Area