July 13, 2013

Letter: The angels cried

— Well, America, moral values just took another slap in the face with the Supreme Court’s stand on gay marriage, paving the way for more degrading of our values.

They say it is time for us to accept the order of our changing society. However, this is not a change for the better, but just another step toward destroying our greatest institution, marriage, that should always be between a man and a woman.

One guy said after the vote that Jesus wept, and I would say 10,000 angels cried.

Homosexuality is a sin and should never have been allowed to creep into our society, but it is like all of the other changes over the last 40 years that have done nothing but caused more and more diseases like a cancer that slowly eats away at a body until there is nothing left but a shell of something that was once whole and beautiful, but now eaten away by decay.

So it is with our great country. There is a cure but no one wants to use it.

May God help the United States of America.

M.F. Roberts