May 31, 2013

Letter: Not malevolent, just incompetent

Whatever happened to the civility that should be the hallmark of American politics? If you read Today’s Forum you see hatred and ridicule spewed on all sides. Some people are so empowered by anonymity they offer comments they would never make otherwise.

My first notice of incivility came during the administration of George Bush. While I did not support him, I was shocked by the vitriol aimed at him — people openly wished him dead. It made me question my loyalty to the Democratic Party. After careful reading of the party platform, I realized that I could never again support their anti-biblical agenda.

In 2004 I was impressed with then-unknown Sen. Obama. However, when I explored his personal beliefs I was alarmed at his socialist leaning. During his presidency, he has continued the assault on constitutional freedom and privacy that was begun decades ago.

President Obama has surrounded himself with people who protect him from blame for incompetency and wrongdoing even if they must lie. Consider Benghazi. No one will explain the decision to falsely blame a video for that violence. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she did not know of the request for more security when her underlings decided to withdraw American security forces in favor of Libyans. It had nothing to do with finances; Secretary Clinton authorized millions of dollars spent on “fluff” at other embassies.

In a congressional hearing, Attorney General Eric Holder replied “I don’t know” more than 40 times when asked who authorized snooping into phone records and emails of AP and Fox reporters. He also claimed to know nothing about the gun-walking debacle called “Fast and Furious.”

When the IRS apologized for blocking conservative groups from tax-exempt status, the woman who headed the bureaucracy at that time was promoted to lead the IRS enforcement agency for Obamacare. Others were allowed to resign and another hid behind the Fifth Amendment.

The best defense for this administration and Congress is “we are not malevolent, just incompetent.” This incompetent government cannot improve until all citizens take a wide-eyed, impartial look and put government into the hands of brave leaders willing to put our guaranteed individual rights above government.

In the past it has taken a national tragedy to get people to work together for the good of the nation. If that’s the only alternative, I will settle for incivility.

Ina Fay Manly


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