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January 5, 2013

Letter: Shameful and dishonest

I’m not a wealthy person, at least not monetarily, never have been and likely never will be. I’ve worked for wealthy people and had the good fortune to call some my friend. I know many Americans believe the rich to be liars and cheats, but I believe that to be a reflection of their own low character instead.

I say this because I have witnessed, election after election, those who denigrate the rich vote to enslave and steal from their fellow Americans. These people have deluded themselves into thinking that if they have the government give them something others have worked for, it absolves them of any wrongdoing.

I liken this to giving a person a gun, driving them to a bank, handing them a “Give me all your money and I won’t shoot you” note, then waiting outside for your split of the loot. This is slavery. The chains aren’t of metal, they are the IRS, FBI, and it’s instrumental in destroying this country. It’s shameful and dishonest to think you have the right to do this, and doubly so for politicians to encourage it.     


Susan E. Rogers


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