February 5, 2013

Letter: Shots in the dark

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of comments in the Forum regarding the elderly and even the tea party. I’m amazed at the total lack of civility that these “people” show. They express an upbringing that says that they still live with parents that live on other people’s money.

To suggest that the tea party is trying to stop Social Security is as dumb a thing that anyone could say, as myself being 65 years of age am considered a youngster by a goodly portion of the people at their meetings.

Of course, this person wouldn’t know because he or she would never give up their anonymity because shots in the dark are not meant to be traced. They can’t be verified because most often they are made up or have come from a rumor that this person considers gospel.

It’s demeaning to the people that built this country to call them greedy when they fought wars, sickness and buried their children and parents and kept going when it seemed hopeless just for the privilege of and the pride of being called an American.

This pride you will never know because you have already revealed that it is not in you and never will be, so sit back and hope they keep working so people like you can keep eating and complaining.

And I am.

Jerry Robinson

Rocky Face

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