August 10, 2013

Citizen of the Week: McCamy Johnson

It’s not uncommon for 7-year-olds to exercise their fledgling entrepreneurial skills by setting up front yard lemonade stands.

What is less common is for 7-year-olds to donate all their hard-earned proceeds to something besides toys, trinkets and fun for themselves or their friends. Such was the case for Brookwood Elementary School student McCamy Johnson, who gave $50 from her lemonade stand sales to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Georgia Mountains.

“It was just a surprise to us that she gave us the money,” said Staci Halyak, executive director for the organization. “She recruited her brother, her sister and her cousins, and she just had it one Saturday afternoon, and she took it upon herself to call friends and family to come by the lemonade stand. Then she donated the money to Big Brothers Big Sisters.”

The organization pairs approved adults with youth of the same gender who are in need of a positive role model in their lives. Halyak said McCamy is the youngest person she knows of to donate to the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“For a kid her age to see that there’s a need I think is huge,” Halyak said. “I think she is setting herself up to be a generous and volunteering type young person for the future.

“We absolutely thank her and love the fact that someone so young is willing to think of others.”

For her kindness and generosity, The Daily Citizen names McCamy Johnson Citizen of the Week.

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