December 10, 2013

Letter: Losing our moral compass

— A recurrent theme in letters to newspapers these days is how America has lost its moral compass. Many of these letters have appeared in The Daily Citizen. While I can’t agree with much of the content of many of these letters, I do agree with our local authors in this one area of concern.

A couple in Buford steals calendars from a shopping mall and tries to justify it with the comment that women shouldn’t be used as sex symbols. A New England mother is suspected of spraying the local high school football stadium with racist graffiti. Advocacy groups routinely employ all manner of criminal and civil disobedience tactics ranging from creating a disturbance of the peace to occupying someone’s land to marching in streets to damaging private property.

These actions all have consequences — some far reaching — that extend beyond the front page of the newspaper. In the stolen calendar case several employees won’t be getting a Christmas bonus. In the graffiti case the town has decided to end the football season early.

Who suffers from these illegal actions? We all do, for crime impacts a society at every level and the ultimate price is anarchy, strife and discord. We have in 50 years gone from a nation where the means justified the end to one where the end justifies the means.

Charles Hyder