February 16, 2014

Girl Scout cookies now on sale

The Daily CItizen

— We admit it. We are crazy about Girl Scout cookies.

Samoas. Thin Mints. Tagalongs. Do-Si-Dos. Savannah Smiles. Even the Trefoils. We open the box intending to eat just one and quickly find ourselves eating them all.

So we are excited that local Girl Scouts will be getting their cookies today, and we know that many of you are as well.

But Girl Scout cookies are more than just a great-tasting treat or even an annual tradition. Cookie sales are the Girl Scouts’ main fundraiser. The money raised by cookie sales funds background checks for adult leaders as well as all the training they are required to undergo. It funds “scholarships” that pay for the membership fees and uniforms for girls who can’t afford them.

Individual troops use cookie sales money to send their girls to camp or for special outings. These provide those girls with the chance to do things many of them would not otherwise get to do, from spending a few nights under the stars to horseback riding to taking archery and rifle lessons.

And most of the money stays here in this area. After paying the bakery for the cookies, the rest of the funds are divided among the area council, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, or to local troops. It doesn’t go to other states or cities.

So when you buy Girl Scout cookies you help pay for some pretty important things.

But maybe you are on a diet and can’t indulge your sweet tooth. Well, that doesn’t have to stop you from buying a box or two of cookies. The Girl Scouts have a program that allows people to buy cookies for the military. Just sign the form, pay your money, and they’ll ship the cookies you buy to military bases around the world, providing a treat for the men and women who protect this country.

Finally, selling cookies help Girl Scouts develop some important life skills, such as handling money and talking to others. Some girls take to this naturally. Others may be shy and have trouble talking to people they don’t know well. So when a Girl Scout, especially a young one, asks if you’d like to buy some cookies, remember that it may have taken some effort for her to approach you.

Girl Scouts will be out in many places over the next few days selling cookies, but if you don’t encounter them, you can find out where they are by going online to www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_cookies/find_cookies.asp.

Take it from us. The cookies are delicious, and you’ll be helping a good cause.