January 20, 2014

Letter: Do, don’t just talk

We as citizens are deceiving ourselves if we think government will ever stop spending our money. I think the spending can be controlled, but it’s going to take some elected officials to start taking a stand on some issues.

I just don’t believe in big government. It hurts instead of helps the citizens. Food stamps have got to have some new ground rules. If you receive food stamps and you are able to work, you must be made to look for a job every week until you find one, but you must be at least trying to find a job.

If you come to this country and you get in any trouble you must be deported for six months, and if you slip back in you will be barred from this country two years. You must be a citizen to receive any benefits of any kind. Also, any senior citizen who doesn’t have any children in school should not have to pay any school taxes at all. None!

In Whitfield County the retirement plan should be changed to 30 years service. A deputy sheriff, firefighter or secretary should not have to work until they are 65 years old and started a job at 21 years of age. You want individuals who are dedicated to 30 years of service to be able to enjoy the rest of their life besides working.

What’s the definition of insanity? Doing things the same way, but expecting different results. Complaining about what other elected officials do is not going to help one bit. Waste of words, waste of time. If change to anything is going to take place, individuals have got to seek elected positions or get appointed to local boards. Citizens have got to get involved in our city, county and state. It’s all right to talk, but don’t talk loud and do nothing at all.

I hope and pray more of our citizens will get involved. Oh yeah, if you are a Christian, this is your duty.

Nicky Starling


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