January 21, 2014

Charles Oliver: No freedom to stretch on long stretch of road

Charles Oliver

— • Queensland, Australia, police gave Jake Sloman a $146 ticket for taking one foot off the footrest of his motorcycle while riding on the Logan Motorway. Sloman says he was just stretching his leg, something that even police commissioner Ian Stewart admits doing while riding a motorcycle. But Sloman is still stuck with the ticket.

• Lucy Emmerson, coordinator of the United Kingdom’s Sex Education Forum, says parents should not urge children to kiss relatives they don’t want to, even if it’s just giving granny a peck on the cheek. She says this sends the message that children are not in charge of their own bodies, blurs the boundaries of what is acceptable physical contact and could make them more vulnerable to sexual exploitation. She suggests that children be taught to high five or even wave at relatives.

• The University of Colorado-Denver placed Resa Cooper-Morning, the cultural diversity coordinator in its Ethnic Studies department, on leave after finding she was offering phone sex services, possibly during hours she was supposed to be working for the school. Now, a local TV station claims she was also operating a website offering her services as an escort. Again, the hours she said she was available include hours she was supposed to be working for the university. But university officials said they could find no proof she engaged in criminal activity nor any evidence that she actually operated her “outside businesses” on school time, so she will remain employed by the school.

• Toronto, Ontario, father Tony Perfetto says he’s been reduced to sending his first-grade daughter to school with just a simple jelly sandwich for lunch. That’s because the school bans peanuts and peanut products, tree nuts, eggs, sesame seeds, melon and all dairy products because one or more students claim to be allergic to them, and the list seems to grow each year. But now some parents are beginning to question whether local school officials have gone too far in banning foods.

• Connersville, Ind., police chief David Councellor accidentally shot himself in the leg in a local gun store. It is the second time Councellor has accidentally shot himself. Councellor is currently running for Fayette County sheriff.

• The Largo, Fla., public works department recently spent $22,000 to buy two snowplows. The city has not had any measurable snowfall since 1977. Officials say they can also use the plows to remove debris from roads after storms.

• Former Wisconsin medical examiner Traci England has pleaded guilty to two counts of misconduct in public office. England took home part of a corpse’s spinal column to train a cadaver dog.

Charles Oliver is a staff writer for The Daily Citizen.