January 31, 2014

Citizens of the Week: RossWoods volunteers

Sitting with those who need special help and attention has its own rewards, but it also requires a certain amount of compassion and dedication from those who choose to do so.

At RossWoods Adult Day Services in Dalton, volunteers help provide for the needs of more than 40 participants who come to the facility each day. The center serves adults who need special attention so their regular caregivers can continue working or, in some cases, take breaks to run errands or for other reasons during the day.

Volunteers complete an orientation, pin on a badge and “sign in to spread some sunshine and cheer even if it’s raining outside,” according to a news release from RossWoods.

“We can never thank all the volunteers who have helped us over the years enough times,” said Diane Hedrick, RossWoods program coordinator. “They are the secret ingredient which makes RossWoods the place to be when home alone is not an option.”

RossWoods is in its 16th year providing care for elderly and disabled adults.

Current volunteers include Bill Sloan, Bob Parker, Anita Killion, George Shirilla, Bill Bowen, Dolores Lovingood, Taylor Philyaw, Patricia Stine, Lesley Hohol, Joe Hallsworth, John Hudson, Suzie Martinez, Amanda Pham, Birva Chaudhary, Caitlin Tiede, Vanesa Varga, Mary Hubbs, the Northwest Whitfield High School Service Learners and Vasti Guerrero, who is RossWoods’ newest volunteer.

For their efforts to brighten the days of those who come to the center, The Daily Citizen names RossWoods volunteers Citizens of the Week.

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