February 14, 2014

Citizen of the Week: Tori Delrosario

The Daily Citizen

— Not every 10-year-old is selfless enough to, without being asked, give up her own birthday money to help someone else, but Tori Delrosario is an exceptional 10-year-old.

A few months ago at her school, several other girls began raising money to help kids with cancer, said Tori’s grandmother, Teresa Woodward, but Tori continued working to raise money after the other girls had done their part.

When Tori had a birthday party recently and got $105 in birthday money, Woodward was happy for her and remarked that she’d get to buy all kinds of things. Tori told her that wasn’t going to happen, that she was putting it in the fund to help kids with cancer.

“It kind of teared me up,” Woodward said. “You don’t see too many kids making such a selfless act like that.”

Tori attends Westwood School where many students have rallied around Esme Miller, a 9-year-old who is fighting a form of bone cancer. Girls have cut their hair for Locks of Love, boys have shaved their heads to show support, and many students there have raised money to go toward cancer research.

Tori’s mother, Tasha Towns, said the little girl was sad after learning about all Esme and her family were having to go through. Towns said she was surprised at her daughter’s act of kindness, but it isn’t out of character with other things she’s done.

“If there’s anybody new at school, she goes out of her way always to make them feel like they are not new,” Towns said.

Tori’s father, Joe Frey, said he just about cried when he learned what Tori was doing.

For putting her birthday money toward a cause aimed at helping others, The Daily Citizen names Tori Delrosario Citizen of the Week.