March 1, 2014

Calling all Eagle Scouts

The Daily Citizen

— The very first Eagle Scout award was earned by Arthur Rose Eldred.

Since that award was bestowed upon him on Aug. 21, 1912, scores of young men have attained the coveted rank of Eagle Scout — including astronaut Neil Armstrong, filmmaker Steven Spielberg and business tycoon Sam Walton.

While Eagle Scouts are found all over the United States and throughout the world, there are plenty of Eagle Scouts in Whitfield and Murray counties.

Officials with the Northwest Georgia Council of the Boy Scouts of America Conasauga District (Whitfield and Murray counties) are searching for Eagle Scouts that live in our community or earned their award here and moved away. They hope to amass a network of Eagle Scouts in an effort for them to reconnect, celebrate their achievements and share their common bond.

The Eagle Scout is the highest advancement rank in the Boy Scouts. For many Scouts, it’s a lifelong goal. To become an Eagle Scout, boys must earn at least 21 merit badges and demonstrate the spirit of Scouting, leadership and service. The prerequisites include an Eagle Scout Service Project where the Scout further demonstrates leadership by completing a project that will benefit the community.

Attaining the honor represents years of hard work and dedication as each Scout puts in hours upon hours of effort into reaching the recognition. Many Eagle Scout recipients go on to be leaders in the private and public sectors.

More than 2 million Boy Scouts have earned the Eagle Scout rank since 1912. In 2012 alone, which marked the centennial year of the Eagle Scout Award, almost 58,000 Scouts earned the Eagle Scout rank. That was a record for Eagle Scouts named in one year.

But it’s rare company. About 7 percent of all Boy Scouts became Eagle Scouts in 2012, with the average age being 17.

Some Eagle Scouts have moved away and through time have lost contact with the area while others have moved into the area. Organizers of the Eagle Scout Search are looking for Scouts in both situations. In the future, organizers hope to put together opportunities for Eagle Scouts to come together.

Send your name, address, telephone number, email address and the date you reached the rank of Eagle Scout to or fax the information to his attention at (706) 272-7743. You can find a form for the Eagle Scout Search in editions of The Daily Citizen.

If you know of any Eagle Scouts who earned their rank in Whitfield or Murray counties and have moved out of town, please pass along to them the information about the local Eagle Scout Search.