September 29, 2013

Mural a fine addition to downtown

The Daily Citizen

— This past week included an infusion of arts events around the county.

Starting Wednesday with the Dalton-Whitfield County Library’s open house reception and tour launch, the schedule included lectures at Dalton State College and the Creative Arts Guild, school presentations and public dance events.

The art week concluded Saturday with the completion and reveal of a mural painted on the wall near a city landmark, the Dalton Depot restaurant.

Trek Matthews, the mural’s artist, is from the Living Walls group (, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization of street artists known for creating murals in public spaces. He and assistant Tanner Wilson started the project Thursday. While Matthews said the mural is painted in broken pieces and abstract to leave interpretation open, his view coincidentally includes a train on the right-hand side of the mural, which is located at the northeast corner of Hamilton and King streets, next to the Dalton Depot and train tracks.

He also said there is a figure moving across the painting from right to left. You could even call it a progression, which is what this mural and the entire week’s schedule of art events brought to the area.

We hope to see more artistic showcases around Dalton, more murals on the side of downtown buildings and more public dances in the streets of Dalton. They give residents more reason to visit the downtown area, entice tourists to stop and appreciate the character of the city and add more life and energy.

To the organizers, artists and dancers, thank you for your hard work this week. Come back any time. There are more buildings that would look great with a mural.