October 5, 2013

Citizen of the Week: Stephanie Velasquez

The Daily Citizen

— Finding time to volunteer for a good cause can be difficult when you’re an adult with a job. It can be even more difficult when you’re an adult with a job who is also taking classes at Dalton State College.

Stephanie Velasquez doesn’t let that stand in her way, though. Several times a month the Shaw Industries employee is at the Alzheimer’s Association office on Morris Street where she volunteers on her lunch break.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers support to family members of individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as well as patient caregivers. Velasquez helps staff members at the association handle paperwork and has helped with at least one fundraiser — all this even though she told workers there she doesn’t personally know anyone who has been affected by the condition.

“Anything that we need her to do — make phone calls, sometimes assemble packets and disassemble packets ... we love having her,” said office administrator Donna Voyles.

Voyles said Velasquez usually comes in between one and three times a week to help out. She’ll get her lunch to go and eat it at the Alzheimer’s office while she works. Velasquez’s dedication has left an impression.

“She just seems to have a big heart,” Voyles said.

For finding a way to give back even in the midst of a busy schedule, The Daily Citizen names Stephanie Velasquez Citizen of the Week.