April 13, 2013

Citizens of the Week: Kroger rescuers

The Daily Citizen

— When Ohio residents Mary Lou Rose and Maury Rose came through Dalton Easter weekend, they didn’t know what else to do when their car broke down in the Walnut Avenue Kroger parking lot except go inside and try to get help.

The assistance they received inside was more than they expected.

“Rita Minchew at customer service assured us our car would be safe,” the women said in an email to The Daily Citizen. “Store Manager Melissa Bradford and her husband, Eddie, were very helpful. We were driven to our motel, had breakfast Easter a.m. with Eddie and son Devin who provided local service suggestions, and we were on our way home Monday p.m. to Cincinnati.

“We received caring Southern hospitality and know what kind of service Kroger employees give. We also appreciate the Volvo dealer (at the Al Johnson dealership) who did the repairs, and we will always have such kind memories of the Bradford family and Rita who took care of strangers.”

After all, the women said, “is that not what Easter is all about?”

We would hope anyone would be generous enough to make some calls for strangers in need of assistance, but the Bradfords and Minchew went out of their way to be helpful. Not only did they use their own time and resources to get the women where they needed to go, they also honored them with an Easter breakfast.

For their generosity and kindness, The Daily Citizen names Minchew and the Bradford family Citizens of the Week.