April 25, 2013

Sequester: Mixed up by storytelling

The Daily Citizen

— Once again the Obama administration and its allies are trying to make Americans feel pain and discomfort. They started by closing the White House for tours but forgot to stop the private parties.

This administration is hoping we the citizens do not look at the facts. Sequester does not have any cuts, regardless of what they say. The federal government will still spend more money  than it did in the prior year. They just do not get to spend as much as they want. That is not a cut. However, this does not stop their storytelling.

Now we are all to fear air travel. The Federal Aviation Administration is telling us about the doom and gloom with the furloughs of air traffic controllers. Let’s review the facts. According to research done by a contributor to Forbes magazine, even with the furloughs, air traffic controllers will handle fewer flights per hour of work than they did six years ago. And since 2006, the number of air traffic controllers has held steady at 27,000 despite a 13 percent reduction in the number of flights.

“If the sequester cuts their hours by 10 percent, the sequestered flight controller will still handle 3 percent fewer flights than six years ago,” the story on the magazine’s website stated.

Unfortunately, we have a White House that does not let simple facts get in the way of its political story. It’s another sad example of party politics trumping the American citizen.