August 16, 2013

Letter: How America was founded

— Excellent editorial on the contribution that Dan Peeples has made to Varnell. As a relative newcomer to this wonderful part of America (we arrived in 1993), I also have been extremely impressed with how a young man has taken on the challenge of improving his community and achieved it with flying colors.

This is the basic strength of being American, not what political bent you are, but how can one contribute to making a difference to the community you live in. Dan Peeples has shown that no matter how young you are, as long as you are focused, realize it is a team effort and have leadership skills and energy, then you can achieve your goals.

I understand Dan’s reason for his decision to let someone else take the helm, but hope that we in Georgia have not lost his energy, enthusiasm and leadership skills. This example is the basis of how America was founded and it is something that all of us should recognize and encourage in our children and grandchildren.


Thomas L. Rennie