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November 22, 2012

Letter: Dividing us is not the way to go

Paul Tipton decided to correct me about the letter I wrote before the election.

Yes, Mr. Tipton, when the Republican Party decided to run a full-page ad with a Republican flag and a Democratic flag and words like “no God for Democrats in 2012,” then that was meant to divide us. That is the problem with our country. My letter was meant to say “stop all the silly name calling” and get back to solving our problems.

You insulted me by suggesting that I am putting my political party before my religious philosophy. As I said before, there are social issues that I do not agree with in the Democratic platform, but I was a Republican some 35 years or more and I changed my party because I agree more with the Democratic Party. I did not agree with my late husband on a lot of issues but we were still married. You said yourself, “There is no political party without flaws.”

I quoted Romans 13:1-6 to show that we need to obey those in authority, even if we don’t agree with them, unless they ask us to disobey God. Has the president asked you to do anything against God, Mr. Tipton? You can argue with God on this issue, not me.

Mr. Tipton, you seem to want to continue on with rumors about God and Jerusalem being left our of the Democratic platform starting in 2008. Maybe you have not researched this issue, you just listen to Paul Ryan. By the way, our president — that some in your party can’t seem to think is a Christian — told them to leave it in there.

You went on and on about “handouts,” but the Democrats are like the Republicans: We only want to help those that help themselves. We want to help the elderly, poor, and those unable to work. We want to help college students with loans and some other type of help, if they deserve it. My late husband and I worked hard all our lives and never had “handouts.” Our two daughters and one grandchild never had “handouts” and all three are very successful people.

Some corporations do not pay any taxes, all because of loopholes, and some people that are very wealthy pay no income tax because of loopholes. Now, that is a “handout.” These are the people Mitt Romney wanted to help.

Yes, I watched the Republican convention, Republican primary debates, Democratic convention and all the news. I am well-informed on the issues.

Wilma Gibson


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