July 3, 2013

Letter: For Georgia Democratic Party chairman, women and minorities need not apply

— Last May, Georgia Democratic Party Chairman Mike Berlon resigned his post because of his suspension as an attorney by the State Bar of Georgia. This left the Democratic Party with a real problem. Under the Democratic Party’s own charter and bylaws, only a white male can fill the vacancy in that post. Females, African-Americans and Latinos need not apply.

You see, the Democratic Party has injected quotas into its system for electing party officers. The party’s charter requires the chairman and vice chairperson to be of opposite genders and races. The Democratic Party’s current first vice chair is Nikema Williams, an African-American female, thus the vacant party chairman slot may be filled by a white man only, according to the Democrats’ own rules.

Impossible to believe? Williams, who is acting chairperson of the Democratic Party until the vacancy is filled, filed a formal vacancy notice on June 20, informing members of the party that “The Charter, therefore, restricts candidates in this special election by race. Thus, any white male Democrat is eligible to run in this special election.”

The Democratic Party has set up a system of racial discrimination through its mandated system of racial and gender quotas. In their party, candidates for leadership aren’t judged solely by their abilities and character, but by their sex and skin color.

In contrast, the Republican Party of Georgia has no such discriminatory rules and yet still elects a diverse set of leaders. At the Republican state convention last month, party delegates elected an African-American, Michael McNeeley, as the party’s first vice chairman. No quota mandated his election. He was simply chosen because he was the best person for the job.

Similarly the outgoing party chairperson, Sue Everhart, was elected to that post in three consecutive elections not because of a gender quota, but because of her leadership qualities and skills. On the local level, this past March the Murray County Republican Party elected Mauricio Palacio as its county chairman, not because he is a Latino, but because of his intelligence, energy and vision.

The Democratic Party labels itself the party of diversity. The difference between what they say and what they practice shows that they are truly the party of hypocrisy. Clearly, the Republican Party is the real party of inclusion and diversity, where people are judged by the content of their character and not by their skin color or sex.

Scott Minter


Treasurer, Murray County Republican Party

State Committee Member, Georgia Republican Party