December 17, 2013

Letter: Don’t leave it at the door

— Does anyone in this county have this problem besides me? My house sits fairly close to the street with a paved driveway leading into the carport. I, like probably 99 percent of the people, always enter and leave through this carport door. There is a sidewalk leading off from the driveway to the front door where there are five steps going up to the covered front porch. How many people would ever use that front door? I can safely say I never do.

I do a good deal of online shopping and the packages are delivered by either UPS, U.S. Postal Service or FedEx. When I get deliveries from these carriers, about one in 10 will leave the package on the carport steps where I can’t miss it when I come home. The rest, for some strange, unknown to me reason, will take the package to the front door.

Today, I found a package on my front steps — not on the covered porch, mind you, but on the steps. I brought it inside and checked the computer for delivery date. It was delivered a week ago tomorrow by UPS. It had been outside in all the rain we’ve had for the last week. I had no way of knowing it was there but just realized that it should have been here by now and went to the front to check.

Last summer, I received an unexpected delivery of chocolate candy. It had been packaged in a cold-retaining package but it was left on my front porch in the heat for days. When I finally found it all the chocolate was melted together. Can someone help me understand the logic or reasoning in this? Is there some law somewhere that says packages should be left where they might not be found for days? If there is, is there any way to get that law changed? Should that driver who left this latest package out in the rain without any notification be held liable if the contents are ruined by the weather?

This is most frustrating to me. I hope someone will enlighten me.

Barbara Lundy