August 2, 2013

Letter: No brainers

— Recently I have noticed a lot of clamor about subjects that should be “no brainers” in our hometown newspaper, like the Hispanic community wanting to know when and where our law enforcement will be putting up road blocks because they don’t want their families to be separated by the deportation of loved ones.

While this is a bad thing, I agree, and no one wants to see families suffering because of a decision an officer of the law has to make at a road block, our Hispanic community is forgetting what decision was made to get them to this point, first the decision to come to America illegally. When the family member decided to come to America he or she should have said we are going to do this the right way and go through the proper channels to get citizenship. Instead they sneak in successfully.

The second decision made was to drive without a license and sometimes insurance. Our laws are made for everyone to abide by, no matter the race, color or national origin, so why should the Hispanic community be exempt from this?

Just voicing my concerns about this.

Another thing recently in the Forum is someone asked the editor to stop people from talking about their religion or being a Christian. I am very proud to be a Christian and every chance I get to tell someone what God has done for me I will tell them, and if that means stating it in a letter to the editor then I will do that. Then it will be up to the editor to print it.

I thank you for printing things about the Lord and the Bible verses that are in the paper, and as far as I know this is still America and we still have freedom to speak and print things about God.

And yes, Christianity is a heart thing and a family thing, but God says to go tell the world about him and what his son did for us when he died. So please do not stop printing what people have to say about God and his son.

Roger Weathers