March 8, 2014

LetterL A letter to Mr. Charles Bowen

— Mr. Bowen,

You may have been the most beloved and admired person in this community.

To everyone with whom you came into contact, you were their mentor, their minister, their counselor, their cheerleader. You encouraged us. You believed in us. And, we did not want to let you down.

You judged nobody. You cared about everybody.

You were an example of what we should be.

And though I am not worthy of walking in your shadow, you set a standard I will continue to try to reach.

Even though I will fall short, I will be so much better than I would have been because I was blessed to have you in my life.

I speak for so many when I say that we will always miss you, appreciate you and love you.

Jim Cook

Dalton High School class of 1966