March 27, 2013

Charles Oliver: Keeping a school clean can be challenging

Charles Oliver

— Sarah Atchison calls it “the biggest nightmare” of her life. She was dropping her children off at the Primrose School in Cypress, Texas, when she saw a suspicious man in the parking lot. She rushed inside and told the office staff. They locked down the school and called 911. That wasn’t enough for Atchison, who called 911, too. After officers arrived, they determined the man was part of the cleaning crew.

A Dallas County, Texas, grand jury has indicted former state trooper Kelley Helleson on two counts of sexual assault and two counts of official oppression after she conducted a full body cavity search of two women by the side of a road. Another trooper, David Farrell, was charged with theft after one of the women reported a bottle of hydrocodone missing after the search. Farrell had stopped the two for littering after reportedly seeing one throw a cigarette out the window of the car they were traveling in.

Officials with Maryland’s St. Mary’s County school system are looking at ways to keep students safe both emotionally and physically. Among the new rules they are considering are banning lunchtime and recess visits by parents, banning children from handing out birthday party invitations and banning people from bringing homemade food to school.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has asked the city’s Human Relations Commission to consider rebuking Philadelphia magazine and author Robert Huber. Nutter was angered by an article written by Huber called “Being White in Philly,” in which white residents talked about, among other things, being victims of crime and being threatened by drug dealers.

Former Leola, S.D., police chief John R. Grabowska has pleaded guilty to two counts of embezzlement. He took $37,000 from the community fire department. Grabowska had previously pleaded guilty to taking $3,200 from a man accused of growing marijuana.

Alameda County, Calif., County Administrator Susan Muranishi makes $423,664 a year. If that sounds like a great deal for her, just wait, it gets better. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that when Muranishi, who is 63, retires, she’ll get a total pension of $459,500 a year for life.

Judy Allen was in her house “playing around” on her computer when she heard a gun shot. She went outside and found a Clarksville, Tenn., police officer had shot her dog Boo Boo. The officer had entered her yard, where Boo Boo was tied up,  reportedly looking for a runaway. Neighbors tried to tell him the dog wasn’t dangerous, but he shot it anyway.

A Jackson County, Mo., jury convicted Diamond Blair of second-degree murder for killing a man during an attempted robbery, According to local media, Blair has a rap sheet dating back to when he was 6 that includes car theft, kidnapping and multiple robberies. Blair is also the fifth member of his family to be convicted of murder.

The Plymouth, Mass., police department suspended Capt. John Rogers Jr. for 20 days without pay after he lost his service revolver. Rogers left his .357-caliber revolver in a courthouse restroom. It was recovered the next day.

Charles Oliver is a staff writer for The Daily Citizen.