March 28, 2013

Letter: The smallest of rumblings

— We the people cannot afford the allowance of the “chipping” away at rights provided by our forward thinking forefathers. They put into place the means by which to deal with that segment of society that will chose to devise means to unlawfully prey upon others. They also provided we the people with means to keep the governing bodies from becoming like the unlawful and unduly inflicting themselves upon this society. These rights need not be pointed out lest the “chippers” have turned their blinded eyes and closed ears to seek their own ends.

It starts with the best of intentions — “Let us eliminate spree killings by limiting the number of bullets that will be legally allowed” — from the “outrage” for such criminal activity. Oh, if such zeal were applied to the more prevalent of crimes that occur within families every second of every day: abuse, neglect, profiteering and other such unimaginable horrors.

Dare take the moment and “see” what we already have happening to the right of privacy. Read the story of the 11-year-old boy in New Jersey:

Now imagine heaping more regulation upon such occurrences. Without a lawfully written warrant, the story is written that the police desired to search the premises to unlawfully inflict themselves upon this household. If such “innocence” of performing as ordered is not held in check be assured that it will arrive upon your own doorsteps. Perish the thought, you say, but the Nazi army too only did “as ordered.” That police state began with just the smallest of rumblings.

Abide by what is written in the Bill of Rights and let stand the foundation of liberty for we the people.

Hugh Burgess