April 30, 2013

Seeking only political gain

There was a news story out of Atlanta on Monday that was leaked by Gov. Deal. The leak was that a company may be building a new factory in Northwest Georgia with thousands of jobs potentially. The story developed from there and named a homegrown, locally funded company called Engineered Floors.

This may or may not be true, but one thing we do know, Gov. Deal had nothing to do with this deal. However, that did not stop the governor from using the term “we” when discussing this potential deal at least five times. This potential expansion would happen no matter who is governor right now. The only reason the governor leaked this to the press and inserted “we” so often is for political gain.

We believe there may be more company expansions coming soon, too, and plan to deliver accurate information as timely as we can gather it.

We would appreciate politicians from Atlanta not trying to act as if they have anything to do with our homegrown business. All they do is get people excited about something they do not need to be discussing publicly yet. At worst, they may jeopardize such deals from getting done at all.

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