May 12, 2013

Bowen’s life has shaped Dalton

One hundred years of life. And very close to 100 years of service to others.

Hundreds of Dalton residents, representing several generations, came out Saturday to honor Charlie Bowen on his 100th birthday.

He deserved every minute of the ceremony and every accolade that was spoken.

Bowen served more than 30 years in Dalton Public Schools as principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent. And many of the people who attended the party had stories of how he had affected them as children, when they were students. Many others talked of his leadership and mentorship when they were teachers and administrators in the school system.

Bowen retired from education in 1975. But he has been more active in retirement than many people are when working full-time jobs.

He has provided leadership in community organizations ranging from Habitat for Humanity to the Dalton Rotary Club to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Georgia.

Bowen’s son Charles Bowen Jr. said that community service is something that has always been important to his father.

“Even when he was 94 or 95, the Voluntary Action Committee was calling him, and he’d drive people who couldn’t to doctors’ appointments and things like that. He always said we should try to lead our lives as Christ led his,” he said.

Thank you for everything that you have done for Dalton, Mr. Bowen, and happy birthday!


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