March 29, 2014

Letter: Gov. Deal should veto gun bill

Dear Gov. Deal,

It must be most difficult to be in your job with so much responsibility. I so much remember the death of a beloved Atlanta judge and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent when a prisoner lost control in the Fulton County Courthouse. The result has cost the state a lot of money for increased security. I feel that allowing the carrying of a firearm to certain public places is putting a lot of people at risk.

We still have a lot of mentally ill and substance crazed people about. We need to think more about helping people not to be afraid of other people and less paranoid so that people do not use weapons to defend fear.

I was the victim of a violent crime and was able to escape by praying for the right words to calm the assailant. I would have been killed if I had  tried to defend myself with a weapon.

I would like for you, governor, to pray for the main tenant of all our religions: Love thy neighbor as thy self.

It has become a mania in our state to protect yourself, but police will tell you that individuals carrying guns scare them. Our late President Dwight Eisenhower knew the seriousness of war because that had been his life.

Law enforcement officers are circumspect about gun usage because they know that vigilante justice does not work. Thank you for your service.

Patti Champion-Garner


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