March 10, 2013

Letter: We are all in this together

I would like to comment on Roger Weathers’ letter to the editor. My name is Christian Hurd and I attend Northwest High. I turn 16 next month, and I am a Christian like you. It bothered me in your letter when you wrote Christians should not be “yoked together” with Democrats, and should “stay away.”

The negative connotations of Democrats are completely unfair. The Republican Party has turned the focus away from the real issues that we face and moved it to these social views that play on emotions. They have manipulated the common people to voting for them, to have the mindset that foreigners, minorities, gays and liberals are the reason this country is falling apart and their life is being ruined. While Mr. CEO is making untold millions, he votes Republican to make sure those suffering American workers that support him don’t realize that he is the one ruining their lives.

Health care should not be a luxury for only those who can afford it. Obama is not the dark-skinned socialist giving away free help, that would be Jesus.

Republicans will fight to the death for a fetus, and will be pro-life up until the moment the child is born. But after that, you’re out of luck.  

We should be investing vast amounts into the education of our children, for they are our future, all the while investing in our seniors and veterans, for they are the ones who gave it to us.

The common man is working himself to death, I see suffering on their faces everywhere I go. Without a strong middle class, we will not prosper.

It baffles that we are still fighting over marriage equality for our gay brothers and sisters today. If we are being punished by God for anything, sir, it’s for how we treat them. If you don’t want them to have the same rights you do you lack both empathy and the kindness our Lord taught. Men of quality do not fear equality.

I’m a Democrat because I believe that we are all in this together. I want my baby brother and the generations yet to be born into this world to grow up and have limitless opportunities. I want a better, stronger America, where progress is the only option. If that’s also what you want, you’re siding with the wrong party.

Christian Hurd



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