March 31, 2013

Letter: God is a fair judge

My last letter seemed to upset Mr. Weathers. Some Republicans think you cannot be a Democrat and be a Christian, and that troubles me.

Mr. Weathers quoted 2 Corinthians 6:14 to me, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers.” Mr. Weathers, are you saying that Democrats are unbelievers? Please do not say that out loud at your church, to your coworkers or neighbors because they might be Christian Democrats.

On March 9, I attended the Jefferson Jackson Democratic Dinner in Atlanta. We began with a prayer and ended with a prayer. Ted Strickland is a former Ohio governor. Strickland is a Methodist minister. I do not know if he agrees with the social issue of the Democratic platform or not, but I can tell you that he cares about the elderly, the poor, education, etc. He came from a family of nine children and was one of two children out of nine that went to college, and he said he could not have gone without some help from several others, and he called their names. He said, “No man is an island.” I agree with him.

Someone in the Forum said, “If I believed in everything in the Democratic Party except abortion and gay marriage, that would be enough for me.” And then they wanted to know how I would explain that to my maker. First of all, I know Republicans that are Christians that have gay children. I also know Republican Christians that have helped their daughters and sister get an abortion, but that is not my business.

God is a fair judge, and he will say to me as an individual, did you visit the sick, send a card to a prisoner, feed the widows and orphans, help a missionary, etc.? I doubt that he is interested in what political party I belong to because he knows that there are issues in both parties that are not perfect.

We only have two parties to choose from, so I chose the Democratic Party because I do not believe in giving all the tax breaks to big corporations and to the wealthy. I believe we need to stay out of wars unless we are attacked, keep Medicare and Social Security, spend on education and spend on building roads and bridges.

We have so much to do, and why spend our time on something like Roe v. Wade that is over 40 years old? I wish our government was perfect, but it is not, so let’s work together and get things done.

Wilma Gibson


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