January 17, 2013

Letter: Questions on the Second Amendment

Is zeal for the Second Amendment interfering or abusing other crucial constitutional or amendment rights? What about the general welfare of the nation/the right to have an education/the right to life and the pursuit of happiness without fear for health and safety?

The First and Second Amendments both have been stretched way beyond their limits. Money is not free speech. It controls and limits the right of people who cannot afford to pay for ways of being heard. Are our civil rights absolute or are they limited by other civil rights and health and safety?

Absolute rights belong in the realm of faith and spiritual qualities such as divine love/hope/joy and internal peace, etc. The Ten Commandments may also be in the same realm in the sense that they serve as a basis for our civil laws. The commandments also serve as natural laws that provide stability that holds together any group of people organized into a town/country/county/state/province/district or even a tribe.

The bugaboo of fear, that our government wants to take away everyone’s arms, was perpetrated upon responsible and safe hunters and gun owners of the public by the NRA several years ago.

Walter Williams, syndicated writer for The Daily Citizen, has perpetuated the same bugaboo of fear upon the public in his column of Jan. 4.

The idea that all the people should have easy access to military assault weapons with large magazines or clips full of bullets, when 40 percent of guns purchased do not have background checks, is obviously disastrous, given the massive slaughters of innocent people in the last decades.

This is stretching the Second Amendment beyond the limits of safety and health, which should trump any other civil right.

Responsible and stable gun owners could still fire such assault weapons at legal firing ranges and targets.

Tom A. Phipps


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