April 21, 2013

Letter: Washington can not legislate morality.

— Mass murderers have never complied with state/federal laws! Right? This lack of understanding (or reality checking) proves just how stupid liberals can be. Washington can not legislate morality. Killers will kill whenever, and wherever, they want. Laws do not help nor hinder evil people.

It’s wonderful to see the bellyaching over gun control issues displayed by the current president: Barack Obama. He’s not accustomed to the word “No.” Maybe Mr. Obama can better relate with the common man now. But he might need several more political “failures” before that reality sets in. Obama may not continue to shove his personal political agendas down the throat of the commoners, like me.    

Now I’ll be waiting for a rant-filled reply by the Democrats’ favorite child, the “Reverend” Al Sharp-tongue. I’m sure that he would label me a racist. However, I would diagnose him as a neurotic, seeking prime-time exposure at any cost. To date it seems to be working for him.

Jeffrey T. Cox