April 23, 2013

Letter: Why are you here?

— If you leave a place that you love and come to a place that you hate, why are you here? If you live off the charity and benefits of people that you loathe and dare them to ask any questions as to the status of you being here, why are you here?

If your lifestyle improved a thousand percent in a short period of time, why are you demanding that everything be given to you in the name of human rights? Really. Why are you here?

You are not afraid to break the laws of this country and scream that your rights have been violated when the only rights that are afforded you do not exempt you from committing crimes. Why are you here?

It doesn’t seem to many Americans that you want to be an American, you just want to be here and to take what you can get, or that you are wanting to destroy what is already here or change it to what you ran away from. Why are you here?

If you came here to spread your religious beliefs, that is a right and you like all others that came before you will not always find people sympathetic to your cause and you do not have the right to demand that they do. So if that is your plan tell us why you are here.

The people that you think care about you are just using you to further their agendas and when they have made you bold enough to do something that will not be tolerated they will either dump you or use you as a poster child against their foes.

Why are you here?

Jerry Robinson

Rocky Face