September 29, 2013

Letter: Oops

At the present moment and for the foreseeable future, the United States of America is under the control of two of the biggest sleazeballs in modern history. The first: Syria’s brutal dictator and murderous thug, Bashar al-Assad. The second: Russia’s president, the callous ex-KGB lieutenant colonel Vladimir Putin.

How in the world could such an impossible state of affairs become possible? You’ll have to ask our own dictator, Barack Obama.

After a couple of years of incoherent and random policy-making in the Middle-East in general and Syria in particular, Obama declared that Assad dare not use chemical weapons to kill Syrian citizens. That action, said Obama, would cross a “red line.”

One year after the red line comment, Assad gassed and killed more than a thousand Syrians. Many of the victims, which included women and children, died horrible deaths. Think Assad gave a hoot? Hardly. He had already killed tens of thousands of his own people using conventional weapons.

This cowardly action by Assad put Obama in a real bind. With little credibility left either here or abroad, Obama needed to back up his threat. So he sent out the latest member of the White House ship of fools, John Kerry, to threaten Syria with an “unbelievably small” strike.

Syria's ally, Iran, joined the fray by threatening that Israel would suffer the consequences of an American attack. Putin chimed in by threatening that Russia would come to Syria’s aid. World War III anyone?

Obama then had second thoughts and decided he needed the blessing of Congress. When it became clear that that was never going to happen, Obama indicated, as he always does, that he’d go it alone.

Alas, along came Putin with a way out of the mess. The Russian president, with the consent of Assad, would rid Syria of all chemical weapons and thereby defuse the whole conflict.

Wow, what a miracle. Obama was saved.

A few problems, though. As a condition of his great magnanimity, Putin demanded that Obama promise to never attack Syria. Oops. And, Assad demanded that Obama kick in a billion dollars to pay for the cleanup. Oops.

And, by the way, it would take at least until mid-2014 to complete the task. Oops. And, realistically, with no enforceable deadlines, the process could go on for years. Oops.

Meanwhile, while Assad and Putin play us for fools, Obama will play golf, vacation and host lavish parties at the White House.

David Wycherley

Rocky Face

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