October 20, 2013

Letter: Hold on to our country

There is a need for clearing up some of the wide open scandals being set aside by liberal media and scoundrel politicians. Obama called them phony scandals.

The murder of a Border Patrol agent isn’t so phony to most Americans. Fast and Furious was/is a program of selling weapons to drug cartels in Mexico by the U.S. government. A Border Patrol agent was shot and killed by one of those weapons in the hands of a suspected drug dealer.

In Benghazi, Libya, an American ambassador and three others were killed in a raid by terrorists while support troops were told to “stand down” and not to render aid. While the Benghazi story has been national news for more than a year, little or nothing has been clearly resolved in spite of the initial lies. A video critical of Muslims was at first claimed to stimulate the terrorist attack. The Benghazi scandal alone is enough to make patriotic Americans shudder.

The National Security Agency (NSA) violated First Amendment rights by recording phone messages and emails without proper authority. Just a little stretching may put NSA on the Fourth Amendment violation as well.

Then we have the IRS stories that will likely live on as long as the current squad of politicians exists. At first it was rogue agents in Cincinnati, Ohio, who bullied groups applying for tax-exempt status. Then the head of the IRS apologized for the errors and delays in approving statuses for tea party and others. While not so phony to me and many news organizations, this scandal along with the others need to be resolved to the satisfaction of We the People. How many amendments were violated in the IRS scandal may never be known and IRS agent Lois Lerner isn’t telling; she’s home free, so it seems, since she won’t tell how much higher up the ladder the scandal goes.

On second thought, we don’t need to take America back. America belongs to We the People. What we need to do is stop electing people who demonstrate a lack of respect for us and who refuse to adhere to the United States Constitution. We must sail the United States of America ship through stormy seas or watch it sink from neglect or over-taxation. Tea party anyone?


Lawrence Headrick

Tunnel Hill


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